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Dry Winter Skin Masque Recipe

By: One Love Organics

Winter weather sucks moisture from the air — and our skin. With every drop in temperature, our skin seems to age another year, appearing less even, plump, and dewy. While face serums, oils, and creams help, to really combat Old Man Winter, you need our fresh-scented superhero known as Skin Savior Multitasking Wonder Balm.  

Besides being occlusive (meaning it creates a physical barrier to lock in the good stuff and block out the bad), Skin Savior features natural and organic, nourishing ingredients, including raw coconut oil, chia extract, and mango butter to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

This is not a product you’ll throw in the bathroom cabinet and forget — true love is always top of mind.

Customers far and wide call Skin Savior a revelation for its ability to cleanse away dirt and makeup and  moisturize and illuminate the skin. Packed with non-greasy, naturally balancing emollients, it works for both dry and oily skin. Not to mention chapped lips and flyaway hair (just a pinch pops those strays in place).

Our personal favorite hack is to use Skin Saviour as a moisture mask.

Why is Skin Savior a savior?

Perfect for all skin types (including oily and breakout prone), Skin Savior contains natural sources of Vitamin B3 (niacin), zinc, and lauric acid. Vitamin B3 is a proven anti-inflammatory that helps calm the skin. Topical zinc also helps soothe the skin, while lauric acid has strong antibacterial qualities. This routine works well for all skin types, especially dry. We perform it in the evening and wake up to glowing results!