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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Lifting

So you wanna try lifting? And of course we mean lash lifting! Well let us share why we are loving lash lifts, and 5 reasons why we know you will too!


If you have ever sat in a chair through lash extensions than you can feel us on this one. A lash lift and tint is so quick it can be done on your lunch hour! Taking just a little over an hour to get your lashes lifted and tinted to perfection is quick and painless.

2. No More Falsies

We love glam, don’t get us wrong! But think about your morning routine without lash application, now, think about it without even having to curl or use mascara. It’s incredible! And with a lash lift and tint you have perfect on the go lashes without any fuss for up to 8 weeks.

3. Sensitive Eyes

Lash lifts are a much better alternative than extensions. Clients with eye sensitivity do not fair well to extensions, and the long term application of extensions can weaken your natural lashes. With a lash lift, get the same look with your natural lashes. The best part it’s safe for even sensitive eyes!

4. Pampering

Think about your week, do you ever have 45 minutes to sit with your eyes closed to relax? Well that’s exactly what you get with a lash lift. Relax, kick back, and let our experts pamper you! You will walk out the door refreshed looking brighter and your eyes looking younger and larger.

5. Cost Effective

Think about the money you spend on falsies, extensions, every new mascara. At just $70 for a lash lift and tint, you can kiss all that goodbye for 8 weeks at a time!