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Lash Lift Fabulous

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

So what's the buzz on lash lifts? Every girl wants incredible lashes right! We use mascara, falsies, extensions, its a never ending journey to get perfect curl and lift.

Well welcome to the newest tool in your belt to perfect lashes.

If you've never heard of lash lifts let me break it down- its basically a semi-permanent curl for your lashes! A specially made silicone pad is placed above your lashes, solution is applied and allowed to settle and voila, lifted curled lashes for up to eight weeks.

Lash lifts can be done alone or also with a tint, this gives your eyes a mascara polished perfection for the length of the lift. Lashes appear fuller, thicker, and longer. Lash lifts are an incredible (and much cheaper) alternative to extensions. And your eyes will appear larger and more youthful.

How to prepare for your lash lift:

1. Book your appointment

2. Show up ready to look fab in about 45 minutes.

That's it, no prep no fuss. To keep your lift and tint looking on point it is recommended to avoid mascara, saunas, steam, or swimming for 24 hours after your service.