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Rosacea.... What can I do to avoid flare-ups?

Every month, we answer your questions about skincare and makeup. This month, we answer a question about how to calm rosacea.

"Dear Beauty Concierge: What can I do to avoid Rosacea flare-ups?"

Experts are not sure what the exact causes of rosacea are. It tends to run in families and is more common in people with fair skin.  But fortunately you can prevent flare ups by knowing your individual triggers and actively guarding against them.

Anything that increases the blood flow to the surface of the skin can aggravate rosacea.

Below are some of the triggers to be aware of:

  1. Hot and or Spicy Foods

  2. Hot Drinks and/or Caffeine

  3. Dairy Products

  4. Extremes in temperature (Hot or Cold)

  5. Sunlight, Humidity, Wind

  6. Stress and/or Anxiety

  7. Vigorous Exercise

  8. Hot Baths, Showers and Saunas

  9. Alcohol

Simple things like taking cooler showers and wearing sunscreen and make up that have calming ingredients for the skin can make a big difference.

Medical treatments and products are available to help people control rosacea.

The Beauty Mark has seen AMAZING results with Joanna Vargas Daily Serum. We call this our daily juice cleanse for our skin because it contains Chlorophylin, the reason behind the serum's green hue. This high performing ingredient is an antioxidant-rich botanical element that helps to calm any redness. Galactoarabinan, an extract of the larch tree, speeds cell turnover to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Using this serum day and night can help reduce redness leaving your skin smooth, supple and glowing!

One of the facial treatments we perform in the Skincare Lounge at The Beauty Mark is a Clinical Facial targeting Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation. This calming and soothing treatment is ideal for sensitive skin and rosacea. Our private label, luxe organic skincare line, Ann David, is fortified with marine peptides such as vegan sea kelp. These high concentrated peptides penetrate into the skin's connective tissue matrix, stimulating new cell growth. Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis for for optimum skin health and a radiant glow. The end result of this Clinical Facial is skin that is perfectly well balanced and even toned. You can book this treatment in our Skincare Lounge by calling 570-309-6411 and ask for the Calming Clinical Facial. 20% off for New Clients!

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