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7 Makeup Mistakes that are Aging you

Hollywood’s top makeup artists talk about makeup mistakes women make and give tips on correcting them.


”Lots of women wear heavy lipstick with blue undertones, which immediately makes the lips look small and cold. Go for color, just make sure it pops.” -Molly R. Stern (makeup artist for Reese Witherspoon)

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”Beware of powder! Too much tinted loose powder can cake and discolor the skin, particularly around the eyes and smile lines. Instead, I love to use a light dusting of translucent powder with a large powder brush to avoid depositing too much. Or you could go with a light dusting of bronzing powder to add warmth.” -Georgie Eisdell (makeup artist for Carey Mulligan)

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”Luminous blush or highlighter tends to settle into any little creases and highlights imperfections. The same goes for frosted lipsticks. For a more natural-looking glow, keep your skin hydrated and finish makeup with a hydrating mist, or a bit of water in an atomizer.” -Tamah (makeup artist for Allison Williams)

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”Eyebrows that are too dark or strong are distracting. Always use a pencil or powder in a shade lighter than your natural tone to fill and define. You want your brows to frame the eye and create structure, but they should never be the main event.” -Matthew VanLeeuwen (Naomi Watts makeup artist)

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”Glittery or shiny shadows can be very aging. Glimmer exaggerates wrinkles and minimizes contours. Instead, use matte shadows to shape the eyes and define the crease. If you want to use shimmer, just keep it under control. Use a touch at the center of the lid and micro-touch on the inner corner.” -Patti Dubroff (Charlize Theron makeup artist)

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”Dark lips are in, but you have to be careful. Heavy, opaque coverage with a strong line makes you lips looks thin, and age you by 15 years if you’re a day over 25. I like sheerer formulas, patted on with your ring finger. That way you get soft edges on the lips, which works to make them feel fuller, not thinner.” - Fionna Stiles (Jennifer Garner makeup artist)


”So many women don’t maintain their makeup during the day, and runny mascara or liner ends up settling in wrinkles. Toss a few Q-Tips in your bag, and use it to clean up throughout the day. You’ll look fresher, and in turn, younger.” -Stephen Sollitto (Rosie Huntington-Whitely makeup artist)